Benefits of juicing | Can juicing cure autoimmune diseases?
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Benefits of Juicing

Benefits Of Juicing

Benefits of Juicing

Juicing is without doubt the most significant thing you can do for your health. The benefits of juicing once per day has helped so many people. What is particularly amazing about it is its ability to completely destroy the devastating roots of chronic disease, especially autoimmune disease.

Health benefits of juicing

It is the best way to eat A LOT of fruit & veg

Imagine eating in total a half bag of spinach, 4 carrots, 1 large beet, 4 celery sticks and an apple, all in one sitting. It is a pretty big task. Imagine trying to do that every day. It is a tall order and not something most people can do. But this is pretty much exactly what you are doing when you juice. You are getting the same nutrient content.

It takes a lot of vegetables to produce a sizeable amount of juice (recommended amount is around 3/4 of a pint). This means you are giving your body a immediate influx of a high concentration of nutrients. In addition you can get these nutrients from vegetables that have not be cooked – raw juice in other words. This again maximises the nutrient count.

It is the most efficient way to absorb ALL nutrients from fruit & veg

Having vegetables in a juice format is much more beneficial for the body then in its solid state. Because the fibre component has been removed, absorption in the stomach and digestive tract is almost instantaneous and requires significantly less energy from the body to absorb the nutrients into the blood stream. The nutrient content is the same. It is a HUGE amount. It really is a super super food/tonic.

Juicing = rapid absorption into the blood steam. Massive amounts of nutrients straight into the blood steam without overloading the digestive system. It is a win win win.

Drinking a tasty juice is also a pleasant experience. For most people eating vegetables, especially raw, would not be considered a pleasant experience. This is why juicing is a great way for your kids to get the nutrients from fruit and veg.

It is a great way to add a wide variety of vegetables to your diet

When we buy vegetables, most of us tend to stick to what we know and what is easily accessible from our supermarkets. Juicing however provides an easier way to bring in a different variety. For example I don’t particularly enjoy beets and certainly don’t enjoy celery. However both these vegetables are always first in my juice.

Additionally I have learned about other vegetables that I had not heard of before. I would never normally have collards or cabbage in my diet, but I do when I juice.

Increases your energy levels

For me this is without doubt one of the biggest benefits of juicing.

Because you are filling your body with so many nutrients, in such a high concentration, in a way that is effortless for the body to absorb – you get instant energy. These nutrients fuel the very substance of your being, the chemical reactions that produce heat in your body, the energy needed to feed your muscles to produce movement and the very building blocks that make your hormones and emotions.

You can’t get a better health kick.

Great for your skin

When a body is constantly being feed high quality nutrients, it goes to reason that you have less toxins to expel out of the body. The reason we all get spots, oily skin, pale skin or just generally a lifeless complexion is because the body is too preoccupied with maintaining health in the inside. When you are healthy on the inside you will express that on the outside. Healthy skin is actually one of the first transformations that occur with regular juicing.

It is so remarkable and profound it makes all the cosmetic creams we put on our faces redundant. They will no longer be needed and you will quickly learn they can never out do the benefits of juicing. It is a simple fact.

High in phytonutrients
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Juice has structured water
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High in antioxidants
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Dos and don’ts of juicing

  • Don’t gulp down your juice like it’s water. Allow time for your saliva to activate digestion.
  • Don’t juice the same recipe every day. Vary the nutrients you take into your body.
  • Don’t juice only fruits – high in sugar. Juice predominantly vegetables, especially green vegetables.
  • Don’t use too many ingredients. It makes juicing more challenging. Use around 5 ingredients.
  • Don’t drink juice 2 days later. Most nutrients will have gone. For best results drink straight away.
  • Don’t drink juice that is disgusting. You are unlikely to maintain the habit. Add fruit if you can’t stand the taste. It’s better to have some sugar if it means you drink it.

The technique to juicing

When juicing try to juice leafy greens first, then follow that with a little hard veg. Add any soft fruit next and finish the juice with the rest of any hard vegetables. The hard vegetables will help push everything cleanly through the sieve at the end.

Storage tips

If on the occasion you can’t drink your juice straight away, say you make it in the morning for your lunch. You want to make sure the container that you use has a nice tight lid enabling air tightness. The idea is you DO NOT want oxygen to get it. So when you fill your bottle or flask, make sure you take the juice to the top. If the juice doesn’t reach the top just add extra water until it does.

Another tip is to add a tiny bit of liquid Vitamin C at the top as this prevents oxygenation of the nutrients in the juice and will preserve its life.

Always use Organic

As best as you can you should try to juice everything ORGANIC. Now this is not always possible and sometimes it is just too expensive. So below is a list of the foods that are heavily sprayed with fertilizers etc (the dirty dozen) and the other list is food that has not been sprayed as much (clean fifteen). This just helps you know which ones to pick and which are ok if you are in a tight squeeze.

Benefits of juicing - clean fifteen and dirty dozen

Monitor sugar levels in your juice

One of the potential negatives with juicing is the amount of sugar that can build up in one glass of juice. Fruit and some vegetables can have quite high amounts of sugar. So be aware of how much fruit you add and which vegetables have the highest content of sugar.

When starting out you want to add some fruit to your juice while you acclimatize to the taste. As you become more practiced, reduce the fruit content. Ideally you want to head towards 50% green vegetables (list of these is below), 80% total vegetables.

I will say this though. It is far better for you to have the sugar in fruit than it is from processed food. Fruit here and there is not a bad thing. Processed food is the killer. This is what people should avoid in their diet.

What are the different green vegetables?

Celery & celery leaves




Bok Choy


Dandelion greens

Mustard greens

Beet greens





Brussels Sprout

Chard (Green, Swiss & Rainbow)

Endive / Belgian Curly

What are the different green vegetables?

Arugula / Rocket

Cilantro / Coriander






Tarragon & Rosemary (don’t often work well with juicing – feel free to experiment)


Before you buy any juicer look at my article that I wrote about what juicer you should buy?


There is a FANTASTIC documentary about juicing. It is SO inspiring and I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure about juicing. Joe Cross the producer of this documentary also has a very fresh book and a wonderful community based website. I would encourage anyone to have a look.


There is also another hugely inspirational documentary by the author of Super Juice Me. Feel free to check out his resources too.


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