Causes of stress and toxicity explored | A mind map
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Causes of Stress main picture

Causes of Stress

Causes of Stress

Stress is the start of any break down in our bodies that will ultimately lead to dysfunction. If left unchecked, stress can go on for months, even years and will almost definitely lead to varying pathologies. Below is a mind map that I made to highlight the causes of stress or rather the major areas in life that causes us stress.

The principle I want to gradually introduce is the concept of toxicity. It is vitally important that our livers and kidneys are in optimum health and functioning at their best. If not then their ability to get rid of the toxins in our bodies becomes impaired.

If you stop expelling toxins efficiently then the question to be asked is; “where do they go? What happens”? One thing we do know is toxins get stored in fat cells. Fat cells surround the toxic chemical or component and lock it away out of site (hence why weight gain is a problem in society today).

Toxins can ultimately go anywhere. This is why we can get such diversity of complications and disease. Tiredness, fatigue, lethargy, depression, poor concentration, irritability and hopelessness. These are classic symptoms of toxicity that go totally under the radar. It is not very often we go to the doctor for these symptoms (except in the cases where it is long term).

Causes of Stress

Toxicities are the major causes to stress

As you can see on the diagram above everything on the left hand side is ‘toxins we put into our bodies’. Everything on the right is ‘stress produced from within’. So in short – the more we are aware of what we put into our bodies or what we put onto our bodies, the more we can help our kidneys and liver. The problem with this day and age, is we live in a very toxic environment. But we have the power to control this and in many ways change it.

For example – isn’t it sad that we can’t eat tuna anymore because it has too much mercury? For me that is just a simple eye opener. Having treated lots of patients I can assure you of one thing. Treat your liver like your best friend and it will stand faithfully by your side. Toxicity in our bodies is HUGELY underestimated in society and across medicine in general. Toxicity IS a silent killer and the BIGGEST cause to stress.

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