Probiotics | Absolutely pivotal for your health & here is why
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This Article is currently in the process of being re-written


In my quest to find the best probiotics I have come across some absolute rubbish written by both professional and clinical blogs alike. Unfortunately all these articles are at the top in google.

I am an Osteopath with two young kids at time of writing. I have written this piece because I believe probiotics are pivotal to our health. You can read the conclusion at the end to find out which ones I think. I have referenced this article heavily and it has taken me 4 weeks to write.

Key points covered

  • Do probiotics actually setup home and begin their own culture inside or do they just get passed out.
  • Do we need to be on probiotics indefinitely or can we just take them for a short period of time?
  • Prebiotics – what are they and should we take them too?
  • Colon v small intestine health.
  • Hurdles for survival – stomach acid and bile salts.
  • Explore the different strains and find out which are best and which are dangerous.
  • How probiotics actually work. How do they actually help?
  • How probiotics help our immune system.
  • Exploring the count of probiotics and whether that actually makes a difference.
  • Refrigeration v non-refrigeration and which are the best types of probiotic.
  • Conditions and issues probiotics help with.


The digestive system is vital to the overall health of the body. This system is nearly always overlooked by the health care profession. I have found that a remarkably high number of my patients usually have some problem in the digestive system or their digestive system nearly always plays some role in their everyday injury or complaint. This is why it is so important to take probiotics.

Our emotions sit in the digestive system

Firstly, modern research is beginning to find that in our digestive system all our emotions are stored. Emotions such as stress, depression, irritability, anxiety, tiredness and frustration are all controlled and regulated by the digestive system.

So for those that are prone to periods of feeling low or having dips in their energy or even for those that get really tired after stressful episodes – they nearly always need some help in their digestive system.

70% of the immune system comes from the large intestines

Secondly they have found now that our immune system is also regulated and organized by the digestive system. The large intestines are responsible for over 70% of our immune response. They are very important in getting rid of the toxins and pathogens absorbed with our food.

Unfortunately with the high stress environment we live in and the increased amount of unnatural sugar found in our food, the balance for the healthy bacteria to thrive in our large intestines reduces dramatically. So we are finding more and more episodes of people having yeast infections (Candida) or having high levels of parasites present.

Probiotics can save your leaky gut

There are countless billions of bacteria in the large intestines. Some good and some bad. By good I mean the waste product that is produced by the bacteria during decomposition of food is beneficial to our bodies and by bad I mean the waste product produced is poisonous.

In addition to this your immune system will be working constantly to try and kill off these bad bacteria. This stresses the body and also distracts the body from serious or stronger infections that pass around in society.

Constant or regular colds, infections or illnesses are a sure sign of struggling intestines. Further to this, if your digestive system is in poor health then your emotions will be irregular or erratic. Again this is another sure sign of poor health.

In the last year I have had many cases of joint pains, headaches or injuries sustained by patients to be caused by a struggling digestive system. It is why I nearly always recommend probiotics to my patients. Probiotics basically tip the balance of bacteria over to the good side – which in turn promotes health.

Probiotics can save your leaky gut

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