What to expect from your first appointment | @DavidandSigi Clinic
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What to expect from your treatment

Fill out your medical forms online

When you book your appointment I will send you a link to an online case history form that needs to be filled out. I will send this link to you either via email or SMS. Alternatively you can find the link to the forms on the home page here. All the instructions are contained within the link.


If you are unable to fill out the forms for whatever reason please come to the clinic 10 minutes prior to your appointment so the forms can be filled out manually.


Filling out this form beforehand is beneficial because it helps you to think about various symptoms or problems you may have had in the past. Sometimes new revelations can arise over a number of days. It is very common for patients to forget a lot of details when they first come to see me.


When you arrive at the clinic take a seat and I will come and collect you after a few minutes. It is good to take a few minutes to breath, acclimatise and ground yourself before treatment.



Come prepared

Please come clean and well prepared. The more prepared and focused your are, the better the treatment you will receive.


I understand that all therapies are different, with some requiring that the patient undress and other therapies that don’t. I usually request undressing down to your underwear as this helps with the visual assessment required to accurately diagnose your problem. Also clothing can hugely inhibit many techniques that are performed.


I do provide shorts that can be worn over your underpants for that extra comfort.



How the treatment session is performed

We will begin the session by having a good talk to gauge your story and to build a picture of your overall health. I will then take an examination and perform some tests to confirm any diagnosis. Then I will go straight into treatment. Often the examination and treatment blend together.


Sometimes a treatment is more physical with lots of movement and pulling, other times it is gentle and extremely calm. On rarer occasions the treatment will be aimed at just talking or taking you through an exercise program.


At the end of the treatment I will talk to you once more about how I felt the treatment went, what my thoughts were on the problem and provide you with any further dietary or exercise advice (should you need it).


You will either be advised to return for a follow up treatment or you will be released with the all clear that you are better.


It is always worth considering having a treatment every 2-3 months to keep the body in good maximal health.