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Osteopath Storrington

We are a husband and wife team that has over 25 years of combined experience as an Osteopath, massage therapist and biontologist. We have travelled the world and now work from our private home in Sussex to bring a calm, family based practice.

To bring freedom and to be a blessing

We know this isn’t a very traditional mission statement but we love transparency and this is who we are. Freedom stems from our unrelenting passion to help people. We are totally dedicated to our patients and their wellbeing.


Blessing is actually rooted in the phrase ‘to kneel down and serve’. This is the engine that drives our goal to bring freedom to people’s lives. We want to serve and elevate our patients to a better place.

Integrity, honesty and transparency

Every person is unique and that is how you will be viewed from start to finish. No one person can have the same treatment plan as another. We want to honor each person individually on their journey, for who they are and for what they are struggling with.


We want to be completely transparent in all our dealings and say up front how much things cost, how many treatments are likely to be needed and if we are indeed the best therapist for you.

Osteopathy – A treatment profession that truly looks at the whole body in its entirety.

Read more at ‘what is Osteopathy?


Organ Osteopathy – No treatment is complete without working on the organs of the body.

Read more at ‘Visceral Osteopathy‘.


Cranial Osteopathy – This form of treatment is both subtle and gentle, yet has the ability to go extremely deep into the body.

Read more at ‘Cranial Osteopathy‘.


Massage Therapy – Sigi has developed a very unique form of massage, focusing on the bio-ernergy matrix of the body.

Read more at Sigi’s Massage.


Biontology – Using light to neutralise bacteria and viruses within the body.

Read more at biontology.


For a full catalogue of everything Osteopathy can treat head over to Osteopathic treatment.

True patient stories

Brandon was crushed after his divorce and developed excruciating shoulder pain that no one could cure.

Find out how Brandon was cured with just 2 treatments.

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Brandon was going through a painful divorce. In addition his son was in and out of the hospital with a particularly nasty disease. Brandon had developed an extremely painful right shoulder 8 weeks prior to seeing me. He had been to see multiple therapists and received all manor of different treatments. Nothing came close to helping. In fact he felt he was getting worse.


Sitting in my office Brandon looked completed defeated and more worryingly had run out of hope that things would change. Given his experience with other therapists I decided to ask him more personal questions about life and also about how he felt in other areas of his body. Due to my prompts he soon realised he had not been eating well. He was consistently having loose or hard stools. He felt chronically tired and generally sore all over. He was eating food on the fly and was not sleeping properly.


I grew more concerned that actually the shoulder was just a symptom of something far worse. I started to focus my attention to his inner mechanics and workings of the gut. I suspected his liver, intestines and gallbladder where beginning to struggle to handle the stress, both emotional and physical (physical stress in the sense he was not feeding his body with proper rest or nutrition). As an Osteopath I do not see stress as something against the body. We can also create stress by not giving the body what it needs. Stress due to lack.


So on his first Osteopathic treatment I treated his gallbladder and liver and told him what he would expect in terms of side affects (basically feeling ill and generally rotten for a couple of days). I also advised him to take some nutritional supplements. I did not touch his shoulder at all during this visit. As an Organ Osteopath you can read more about the treatment of organs here.


After feeling quite ill for two days, Brandon began to feel a change slowly occur in his body. He felt less tense overall and his mood was more stable. He was still sore, tired, stressed and had pain in the right shoulder. By day 5 he noticed he woke up feeling fresh, the first time in months. His stools and digestion had also improved. He also noticed his shoulder was not as painful. The day of his second treatment he noticed he had much better concentration at work.


On his second Osteopathic treatment I treated the liver and gallbladder again, although they did not need as much work. I focused a lot on the intestines, kidneys and pelvis. This was to help the flow of his gut to work better. Stress will always close down the movement and natural rhythm of the gut. I again did not treat the shoulder.


2 days after the second treatment Brandon was feeling fresher overall and also experienced no shoulder pain what so ever.


The proceeding treatments that followed were specifically designed to help him manage the stress as he concluded his divorce. We used a lot of Cranial Osteopathy work to reduce his sympathetic nervous system (the system that monitors your flight or fright response). In highly stressful periods this system can struggle to control itself and very often is unable to switch off.

About Us

Sigi comes from the wild lands of Iceland. Her specialty lies in her unique form of massage where she works specifically on the bio-energy matrix of the body. A life-changing treatment. She treats humans, dogs, and horses. Read more at Sigi Lower.

David Lower comes from England and practices his trade exclusively as an Osteopath, which includes Cranial Osteopathy and Organ Osteopathy. He specialises in neck, headaches and pelvis as well as some very unique conditions. Read more at David Lower.





Osteopathic consultation (60 mins)
Osteopathic treatment (40 mins)
Sigi Massage (90 mins)
Biontology treatment (60 mins)

A ‘no show‘ of any appointment will still be charged the full price.

A treatment that is rescheduled on the same day will incur a cancellation fee of £30.

True patient stories

Lisa was a 13 year old girl that had a 2 year old dancing injury and was completely exhausted at school.

The cure to Lisa’s exhaustion will surprise you.

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Lisa was a 13 year old girl that came to me with a 2 year old dancing injury. Her normal therapist was achieving around 70% success but the final piece was eluding her. I was treating her mother who mentioned it during one of our sessions. I agreed to give a second opinion.


After analysing Lisa’s ankle for almost 30 minutes I concluded the talus bone (the main supporting bone in the ankle) was stuck in an irregular position. After multiple attempts at releasing it I was only able to achieve a small measure of success. I relayed the information to the mother and advised an intensive stretching program for one particular muscle that I felt was maintaining the rigidity of the talus.


The next appointment arrived 2 weeks later and Lisa had dutifully completed the stretching program I had given her. I re-examined the ankle and much to my delight found enough freedom to adjust the talus bone back into place with a very satisfying pop.


I rechecked the entire lower extremity but did not find anything of particular note that needed to be addressed. I gave Lisa a revised stretching program and balancing program. The balancing program was introduced to strengthen Lisa’s proprioception. Proprioception is the ability for the body to know where it is in space. For example if you stood in a dark room and held out your arm you would be able to tell where your arm was without seeing it. This skill is vital in our ability to balance and adjust to sudden movement changes. If this system is damaged in traumas and/or injuries it can take a long time to recover and for some it never returns unless specifically trained to do so.


At the end of the appointment Lisa’s mother made a passing comment that Lisa was feeling extremely tired and fatigued in school. I asked some general questions and then some questions about her diet. Nothing untoward was the response. I then asked had Lisa been sick in the last few years. Yes was the muted response from both. Lisa had been on over five courses of antibiotics in the previous two years.


I looked at both of them in disbelief. I told them with absolute certainty that Lisa needed to take a high strength course in probiotics (the good bacteria). The antibiotics would have completely destroyed Lisa’s gut flora and therefore reduced Lisa’s ability to function in fighting colds/flus and absorbing vital nutrients. I also gave her some quick nutritional tips for maintaining energy at school.


One month later Lisa came in smiling. She had lost weight and looked very chirpy. Her ankle felt completely free and for the first time in two years was able to dance without that feeling of limitation. But her main joy came in the success of the probiotics. She was not feeling tired and more importantly was able to concentrate and focus at school again.


I leave this story with a friendly tip. If you ever need to take antibiotics then it is vital to take a course of probiotics once the antibiotics have been concluded. It is pivotal to your overall health to make sure your gut flora is maximised.

Opening Times

  • Opening times for David

    • Monday – 08:00-16:00
    • Tuesday – 08:00-16:00
    • Wednesday – 08:00-16:00
    • Thursday – 08:00-16:00
    • Friday – 08:00-16:00

  • Opening times for Sigi

    • Monday – 08:00-16:00
    • Tuesday – 08:00-16:00
    • Wednesday – 08:00-16:00
    • Thursday – 08:00-16:00
    • Friday – 08:00-16:00

Because we run our clinic from home we are extremely flexible.

Home visits and emergency visits are available at any time. Just call us.

True patient stories

Janet had a 10 year hip problem that meant she walked with a constant limp. She feared she would never get better.

Janet was cured with 1 treatment.

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Janet is a lady in her late 40s. I met her when visiting some family on a holiday. Naturally as soon as I mention I am an Osteopath everyone starts to form a queue and then proceeds to tell me everything that is wrong with them. On this occasion it was no different.


However when Janet shared her story I felt very moved. Janet had been having pain and problems in her hip for over 10 years. It had gotten so bad that she walked with a permanent limp. She had seen many therapists over the years with no success. I decided I would give her a treatment.


So on the double bed belonging to the guests I was visiting and amongst an audience I began my examination. It was clear Janet could not raise her leg very far. I concluded fairly quickly working directly on the hip and the muscles associated with it would be a waste of time. This problem had been present for too long. I checked the organs in her abdomen and pelvis. I found her uterus and bladder where both extremely stuck towards the same side as the hip problem.


So I treated the bladder, uterus and the kidney on that side. This took a long time and I had to go through layer upon layer of stiffness and tightness. Once that finally cleared up I was able to treat her major hip flexor (psoas muscle). Although extremely painful for Janet I was able to gradually encourage the muscle to relax. I deduced that was enough for the day and we continued our evening. Read more about Organ Osteopathy here.


The key point with bladder and uterus restrictions is when they become restricted or fixated they do so into other tissues. So for example the bladder can become fixated directly into the hip ligaments. This is also true for the muscles. The kidney sits directly on top of the psoas muscle (mentioned above). So a kidney restriction/issue will definitely impede the movement of that muscle. In the case of Janet she had 3 major organs affecting a lot of musculoskeletal tissue. No amount of stretching, pulling and massaging of the joint will help. Hence why she had never improved with treatment in the past.


In the morning I popped over for breakfast and there was a very excited commotion occurring inside. Janet was running up and down the house singing she was healed, she was healed. When she saw me she said, “look, look I can lift my leg and I have no pain anymore”. Even I was shocked that she had made such a quick recovery. I was expecting quite a few treatments to help solve the problem completely. Everyone was delighted.


I actually bumped into Janet recently (2 years after I treated her) and she was still pain free and could move her hip fully. 10 years of pain gone in 1 treatment.

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Address: Storrington, W.Sussex

To find us turn into Meadowside. We are the first house on the right immediately upon turning into Meadowside.