Sigi Lower | Biontologist & Massage Therapist | @DavidandSigi Clinic
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Sigi Lower’s biography

Sigi Lower portrait

Sigi, short for, Sigridur comes from the wild and dramatic lands of Iceland. She moved to Norway is 1998, had a two year stint in Canada from 2014-2016 and now resides in beautiful England with her husband and two young children.


Sigi Lower has a varied skill set. She works predominately as a biontologist but also as a massage therapist. We have simply called this massage ‘Sigi’s massage‘ – explained later.


Sigi graduated from the Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences in 2008 from the light clinic in Norway (the headquarters at the time) and has been treating patients in this line of work ever since.


Biontology is a, one of the kind treatment, that utilises specialist machinery to deliver light into the body, killing bacteria or viruses. To read more about this fascinating treatment head over to the biontology tab.


In addition to her abilities as a biontologist she also offers a unique form of massage. We have called this massage type Sigi’s massage. She works on the energy matrix of the body, helping to distribute it evenly around the body and remove any energy blocks.


She has been massaging and experimenting with touch ever since she was a child. Growing up on a farm she regularly tried to talk and connect to the animals through her touch.


Her talent became quickly recognised as the animals always approached her as she walked out onto the field or into the barn. At a young age she became a vital member in the sheep herding squad.


This later developed to humans as she started to give massages to all her family and friends.


Later in her career, Sigi worked as a nurse at a mental hospital. Her connection and natural empathy towards people also became noticed by the doctors and psychiatrists alike and they began to use her to communicate to the most challenging patients.


Sigi is self taught in her massage and does not hold an official massage qualification. She has not been taught a routine or specific techniques but rather she has used her years of experience to deliver a truly unique treatment tailored to each individual. No one massage is the same.


We actually don’t like to say too much about what she does because we want people to experience it in their own way.


Sigridur is the most genuine, warm and empathetic person you will probably ever meet. She has a deep need to care and help people.


She is an astonishing therapist.