Sigi's Massage | @Davidandsigi Clinic
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Sigi’s Massage

It is actually extremely difficult to sum up into words what it is Sigi actual does. For all intensive purchases it looks and feels like a traditional massage. But that is where any similarities stop.


In the medical world there is a bio energy matrix field that surrounds our body. In many places people call it an aura, others call it our vibration and still others our shield. Whatever it is called there exists an energy field around every human being. You can feel it as heat. Under specialist equipment you can actually perceive it as light.


Through her hands and touch Sigi is able to tune into this energy matrix and know where is flowing well and where it is not.


A very good and simple analogy is this. When you sprain your ankle – over the next days it becomes hot and sweaty. We would all agree that it is in a highly active state. That is because it is. The bodies’ response to repairing the sprain is to bring all the nutrients for repair. That includes lots of fresh blood and this is all perceived on the outside as hot and red. The energy in this case is very high and very active.


Alternatively if you fast forward 3-4 weeks or longer. The sprain is still present, hasn’t healed well and still causes pain and a problem. This time on the outside what is perceived is totally the opposite. Old injuries that haven’t repaired well feel cold, slow and in extreme cases almost dead. This is because there is no flow. The energy field around this area is stagnant.


Sigi through her life time has some how developed a highly sensitive awareness to the ebb and flow of this energy. Even on the outside when everything is perceived as flowing well and no signs of injury or fault are present. She is able to detect minute disturbances. Then with her massage techniques and touch she can rectify this.


That is the scientific understanding, at least in layman’s terms. The rest must simply be experienced.


When you mix this talent with a warm heart, a kind nature and a basket full of compassion (all the traits Sigi has in abundance) you really do feel like you are being made new. Her treatment will speak for itself and believe me, it is a life-changing one. Sigi is an extraordinary woman and I strongly urge you to experience at least one of her massages.


In recent years Sigi has also branched out to treat horses and dogs with tremendous results.